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7 Winter Hair Helpers

Winter winds can stress delicate tresses.  Cold air holds less moisture so dehydration is behind most hair hassles this season. Help strands thrive in cold weather with these 7 easy

Hair Essentials for Summer

It’s summer! We couldn’t be more excited about spending time on beautiful beaches. But with our extended time outdoors comes potential damage to hair and skin, the least of which

Speaking Colorist – Part 2

We get many questions about hair color terms, so a few weeks ago we decided to post a Colorist Dictionary to demystify the coloring process.  Our clients loved it! Now we’re revealing

Speaking Colorist

Going to the colorist can be nerve-wracking for many reasons, but especially because they speak an entirely different language! wants to demystify the coloring process for everyone.  We asked

6 Habits Of Women With Great Hair

Wouldn’t it be nice to have hair that actually obeyed you in the morning? The truth is, effortless lovely locks aren’t that difficult to get. It just takes the right kind of

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